five questions with mills hardware

Q1 - We all know that Mills has become a great music and event location in the heart of Hamilton, but your location has lots of history can you enlighten us?


A1 - The name Mills Hardware was named after the original proprietors, about a hundred years ago. After the hardware store closed up shop, Diamond Jims moved in, with musical and comedy acts, and girls swinging from the ceiling. It set the stage for the next chapter: Bannisters. With bands from The Ramones to Tiny Tim having played the stage, it was eventually filled with strippers, and a bit more of a seedy environment ensued. There were several name changes (The Fox's Den was in the basement, where male dancers performed), then came Maxims.... and then the city decided to clean it up. The place was completely gutted and reimagined, with the help of local architect Bill Curran. The building was awarded the City of Hamilton's 2015 Urban Design and Architectural Award of Excellence for Heritage/Adaptive Reuse.


Q2 - Can you briefly describe Mills as a business and how it connects to the community?


A2 - Mills Hardware is a year-round multipurpose event space providing live entertainment, a rotating gallery space for local artists, as well as public and private functions. We put on concerts which are open to the public, and we rent the space out for everything from literary readings, film screenings, private parties such as birthdays, retirements, and weddings and more. We have a capacity of 150 guests, are fully accessible with multiple gender neutral washrooms, we offer a broad range of local beers and wines as well as an array of classic cocktails and non-alcoholic options. As we are an event space we do not hold regular hours so checking in at or through our facebook is the best way to navigate our events.


Q3 - How do the musicians get chosen for shows?


A3 - Music acts are sent to us from various agencies, and we choose the ones that we think will suit the room, and please our audiences. We then look for local acts whose talent and social media presence can help spread the word of the show. Of course, the opening act has to be approved by the touring act and their agents. Some local bands will choose to rent the space for an album release or video shoot; we offer exceptional rates for musicians, community groups and non profit groups.


Q4 - What are some shows that you have coming up this year?


A4- Lots of great shows are coming up!


All Tickets:


THursday FEB 6 

Girlfriend Material w/PONY $12 (+SC) adv., $15 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

FRIday FEB 7 

Wooly Mantis w/LTtheMonk $15 (+SC) adv., $20 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

THUrsday FEB 13 

Craig Cardiff $15 (+SC) adv., $20 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


SATurday FEB 15 

Kasador w/Patiohawk $12 (+SC) adv., $15 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


FRIday FEB 21 

Jeremie Albino w/David Monks $13 (+SC) adv., $17 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


SATurday FEB 22 

King Park w/Math Club (solo) + Wayfarer $10 (+SC) adv., $15 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


SUNday FEB 23 

Rachel Beck $10 (+SC) adv., $15 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


FRIday FEB 28 

The Franklin Electric w/Hey Major $12 (+SC) adv., $15 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+



Q5 - If someone was interested in booking the space for a private event who would they contact?


A5 - The venue can be reached by phone at 289-389-5311 or via email at