five questions about

architect hair design


q1 - In a nutshell, what is architect hair design?


A1 - architect hair design is a barbershop, a bar and a meeting place.


Q2 - what services do you offer?


A2 - Whether you need a cut, style, or full hot towel shave, our experienced barbers will take care of you. Come in, make yourself comfortable, and we hope you’ll enjoy our space!


Q3 - As a bar what beverages do you offer?


A3 - Yes, we’re a fully-licensed bar offering a great selection of local craft beer including a selection from Nickel Brook, Collective Arts, and the Hamilton Brewery. If you’re not feeling very “crafty” then we have a choice of various other domestics, imports, and wine.


Q4 - Can people simply come in for a beverage or do they need to book an appointment for a haircut?


A4 - You don’t need to have a hair cut to come hang out and enjoy!


Q5 - architect hair design is also a meeting space?


A5 - yes, Our comfortable couches and laid back atmosphere make for the perfect meeting place. Whether it’s for friends watching sports together on our TVs, or an off-site committee meeting for your organization.


Hamilton's only licensed barbershop!
Now open on James Street North!