SaltLick Smokehouse is re-opening!

Saltlick smokehouse and chef/owner Shane Mccartney have been a very supportive partner to thb since both our businesses started up a few years ago so when they suffered a fire a few months back we lost more than great client, we lost phenominal local smoked meat.  Shane and crew have been hard at work fixing up the place and if all goes well hamilton's favourite smokehouse will be serving again as of the end of June.



Q1. What the hell happened?

A1. Grease fire.


Q2. How extensive was the damage?

A2. Extensive. Tons of smoke damage.


Q3. How have the reno’s been going?

A3. Very complicated. There was asbestos removal that to be done first.  Then we had to move the main power lines to the building in order to bring it up to code. At this point power still hasn’t been restored to the building!


Q4. Any changes to the Salt Lick we know and love?

A4. The fire was contained to the back of the building so the appearance and layout familiar to our customers will look the same.


Q5. When is the relaunch?

A5. Hopping for the end of June


Q6. How can people get in touch for a reservation or to book an event?

A6. we also have a go fund me with awesome deals.


strictly an editorial here:  the offerings shane has on this go fund me page are far less like donations and more like stealing. $70 for a whole hog head +4 sides dinner for two?!?  I'm in.